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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas Party Outfit

Seeing as it's the time of year for Christmas cheer, I thought I should do my first official blog post about my Christmas party outfit I wore last weekend.  

So a couple weeks ago I went into panic mode and spent too many days/evenings trailing through the internet, using all the websites you can think of, Asos, River Island, Topshop, New Look, Ark, Boohoo, Missguided, PrettyLittleThing you name it I searched it. 

I didn’t want to spend too much money as it was for one night, and I thought I knew exactly what I wanted but no where had it. — A lovely skater skirt that stuck out with the tight fit top in black, just a cute little black number that I could dress up or down but what was in my mind but would not appear on the screen. 

I finally found this lovely number in H&M. 

Black and white with a spot of blue, it didn't look too pleasing on the hanger, however I proceeded to try it on and it looked SO much nicer than I thought it would. It sat in all the right places and hid everything I needed it to.

I'm not a huge fan of bodycon dresses as like most people, I am conscious of my very small "stomach pouch" that I think is ten times bigger than it is. 

I knew the pattern would disguise it as I love the dress on and just didn’t want to continue searching with days counting down to the party. It’s definitely not something you need to stress over. 

The shoes are also from H&M and are reasonably comfortable, I love that the pattern matched the pattern on the dress one of the reason why I knew I had to piece them together. Even though I was taller than I would like, I never get the chance to wear heels and not be self conscious. So I thought, fxck it. (Excuse all the marks on them).

The bag is from... what a surprise, H&M. Just a small black shoulder bag, which is my go to bag for nights out, meals, anything where i've got to dress up. It’s small and not too big and is most definitely a Mary Poppins bag, I even managed to fit my secret santa present in which was three bottles of shower gel.. 

As i’m writing this the following week after I can definitely say I made the right choice of clothing and footwear and bag. I threw on a fitted denim jacket to give it a me touch to it and off I went.
The entirety of the outfit was comfortable enough to dance, eat, drink and to pop to the toilet. However the shoes (as much as I love them) have completely ruined my feet as I’m still hurting and can’t feel a couple of my toes haha.

I had an amazing time even if I had a few too many and ended up being in town and home by 12.30am (very early!) But woke up Sunday morning feeling extremely sorry for myself throughout the day at work. 

Hope you enjoyed the first post of many! 

Much love, 
laurrrren xxx

Dress H&M £29.99
Shoes H&M £24.99
Bag H&M £7.99

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