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Friday, 1 January 2016


Happy New Year everyone, I hope everyone celebrated with friends, family and loved ones and not nursing too much of a hangover. I feel like I have been away from the blog for months yet it’s only been a few weeks. The Christmas build up was hectic for me at work and I was working, sleeping and eating my way through it. I hope you all enjoyed Christmas wherever you were and whoever you were with and filled your stomachs with all the Christmas food and had all the fun and laughs with loved ones. 

But in a blink of an eye 2015 flew past and here it is, 2016. Christmas has come and gone and it’s the year of the Olympics in Rio, Euro 2016, and other annual sporting and non sporting events that occur. Believe it or not those were the only two that were off the top of my head.

Anyways, 2016.. As if another year is upon us - leaving us all wondering if it’s going to be our year. Well of course it is, it’s what you, yourself make it to be. 

Making a bucket list is a good thing to start on the first day of the month. You’ve got all the positivity for the year ahead dreaming of what you want to happen over the next 12 months and aims you want to accomplish. You could make/start a lifetime bucket list that you continuously add to and one that has realistic aims and opportunities. 

Which leads me on to New Years Resolutions - I never seem to make any as when I was younger I would make silly ones and forget about them after a week. Making around 5 realistic points to achieve over the next year and stick a copy on the fridge, your bedroom wall, and on your phone, encouraging you to achieve these goals and hopefully by the 31st December 2016 you will look at the list and have ticked off the achievements you first set out to do at the beginning of the year and feel good about yourself and are positively ready for the next 5 goals for the next year. Hopefully also having a lifetime bucket list the length of your arm and it continuing to get even longer. 

I have a lot of positivity coming out of my fingertips onto the keyboard right now and I can’t wait to start my bucket list and write my New Years Resolutions, so i’m hoping this is encouraging you to do the same. 

I have really slacked on the posts over the Christmas period so as of right now one of my New Years Resolutions is definitely produce more posts and good content on my blog. 

Let me know some of the things you have on your bucket list and one of your New Years Resolutions.

Happy New Year everyone :) 

Much Love 
                       Laurrrren xxx

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  1. Love that you've started blogging, it's like a whole other side to you and I can't wait to read more! Xx

    1. Ahhh thank you lovely, I'm excited to post more :D xxx

  2. I'm loving your blog posts :)

    My main New Years Resolution is to spend more time with loved ones and cherish every moment I have with them because we never know what's around the corner!



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